The Truth About Chauffeured Transportation

As you decide which chauffeured transportation service best meets your requirements, there are certain truths you should be aware of. Foremost among them: All providers are not the same.
Read our business policy guidelines below to discover the truths you need to know when you consider your chauffeured service provider. It won't take you long to see that Carey delivers the industry's greatest service and greatest value. By far.

1.A true franchise system consistently meets your expectations; An affiliate network consistently doesn't.

2.All chauffeurs are drivers; Not all drivers are chauffeurs.

3.The way you're greeted at the airport speaks volumes about how you're treated by a chauffeured service company.

4.Safety isn't an accident; It takes a total company commitment.

5.Your privacy depends on more than a promise and a password; It requires secure systems and a commitment to confidentiality.

6.The continuity of your business depends on the continuity of your chauffeured service provider's business.

7.Stringent quality control ensures Murphy's Law never happens.

8.Your meeting and event management is far too important to entrust to anyone but the best.

9. Apples to apples, one company is the best value in the business. By far.

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